"Follow" [ "Sledui" ]
A project on social surveillance and tracking system created by Moscow students and curated by independent artist Katrin Nenasheva
AntiUniversitet (Anti — University)
In September 2017, one of the world's largest video surveillance systems with face recognition was launched in Moscow. By the winter of 2019, about 170,000 government cameras are helping to establish identity.

Now we are visible through and through, therefore we require responsive transparency from the system. It is important for us to know who will have information about us and at what moment, how it will be used. It is important to protect what belongs only to us. We want to meet face to face with someone who has not responded to other forms of dialogue.

We do not notice that we are becoming an object of state surveillance. While we are looking for a friend in the crowd, cameras are looking for us. But buddy and overseer are not the same thing. When did we allow the state to follow and follow us everywhere? Why was the decision about us made without us?

We do not want to be caught in the lenses of CCTV cameras without our consent. We do not want new technologies to lead to total control. We want to find effective ways to implement nonviolent resistance.

To protect ourselves from tracking and recognition for a few minutes, we use makeup. Makeup as a symbol of disagreement.

But we can't do it alone. Together, you can create a space for dialogue. To do this, we need to look into the eyes of both cameras and the problem.

Living in the knowledge that every step leaves a mark on the government's database? Can you feel at home knowing that you are at a freak show?

When we see strangers in front of the peephole, it becomes uncomfortable. Let the authorities see such strangers at their doors. The cameras are silent. But we want a dialogue. Follow us.

Who we are
Moscow students and independent artists
Katrin Nenasheva
It is worth going to the action in makeup for several reasons.

The first and the most obvious: in this way, at least for a few minutes, we will be able to protect ourselves from surveillance and uncoordinated recognition of faces and personalities.

So far, this system is hardly discussed in public space, so there are no exact criteria for protecting a face from recognition.
A group of the first participants in the action faced the problem of reading faces (you can check the makeup here: https://findclone.ru/searchclone).
For the team working on the action, the active participation of everyone is very important: so far, only by trying and making mistakes, you can understand what the cameras do NOT_react to.

The makeup has another, no less important task. With the help of bright masks, we draw attention to the problem and express our opinion. Makeup - it doesn't matter if it works or not - it's the symbol in the first place. A symbol of disagreement, our uniting into a close-knit community.

And yet, we managed to find information about protection measures and check these recommendations for ourselves:

When creating makeup, try to make the most vivid and asymmetrical makeup, consisting of painted over geometric shapes. The main thing: use paints that will darken parts of your face (eyes, nose and lips). To do this, you can use black patches, face painting, gouache and other means.

Below you will find photo examples of possible makeup.
Media about us

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